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We know the job puts your officers in harm’s way every day. The last thing they need to worry about is safe communication. Certified to the stringent Div1 HazLoc standards, the APX 8000H is designed for use in areas where there are routinely dangerous concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, liquids or combustible dust. The APX 8000H has an adaptive audio engine that provides the provides the loudest, clearest audio at any volume, in any environment.


APX8000H SRX PACKAGE MODEDL 3.5 MOTO APX top-level handheld platform, frequency range includes VHF, UHF R1, UHF R2,700/800MHZ, frequency range from 136mhz to 870mhz, full range handheld platform, original and regular machine, CPS initialization information, no use of DEPOT, Flashcoat code: h(Xg6j-11SEkw-7-0L0000-000000, machine with label stickers. The machine has been authorized with the latest SW AES-256, and MACE includes ADP encryption algorithm to experience the security of digital speech from the most secure perspective. The machine was produced in 2020 and has been unlocked from the dedicated battery. It can use the APX8000 series battery without prompting errors and correctly recognize various information and battery levels of the intelligent battery. The machine has been authorized with all options and includes all frequency ranges, and has not been used, resulting in extremely rare machines. Randomly equipped with IFR3920 fully automatic detection and calibration report, priced at a single head price, with one original 4-segment antenna included as a bonus. The machines purchased from our store enjoy a free fully automatic inspection and calibration service once a year. If the machines have no quality issues, they are sold without return or exchange.


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