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Motorola APX6000XE VHF model 2.5

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Motorola APX6000XE VHF model 2.5

Price $1200
Motorola APX6000XE V2.5

VHF Radio with top and side display and buttons.  Comes with XE RSM, antenna, battery (non-moto), XE belt clip holster, and impress charger.  Bluetooth enabled.
Radio is programmable and in good working condition.  Going to 800 and no longer need the VHF.
The firmware is at 16.00.05, and we can upgrade to 20.61.00 or anything between, let us know when you purchase.
All radios will be Tested, Tuned, & Aligned by an FCC Tech on an Autotune Monitor upon purchase
Q806: ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation
QA02006: APX XE Rugged Radio
G996: Over the Air Provisioning
H43: Trunked Remote Monitor/Radio Trace
QA04447: Geofence
Q498: Hardware Multikey Encryption w/ OTAR
QA01767: ASTRO 25 Trunking Radio Authentication
QA09000: Tone Signalling
QA00572: Primary Band: UHF Range 2
QA00583: Enable Bluetooth Operation
QA01749: Legacy SW System Key Enable
QA01768: Enhanced Zone Bank Operation for APX
QA01771: Enhancement Level 2
QA01843: Man Down Operation
H38: SmartZone Systems Operation
H46: Trunked One Touch Status Message
QA09008: Group Services
QA01833: Extreme 1-Sided Noise Reduction
H04: Conventional Tactical Rekey
Q667: ADP Software Encryption
QA00782: Enable GPS Operation
Q947: APCO Packet Data Interface
QA03399: Enhanced Data Operation
QA09012: Mission Critical Geofencing
Q387: Conventional Voting Scan
Q173: SmartZone Omnilink MultiZone Operation
QA00982: Site Selectable Alert
QA00580: Enable TDMA Operation
H02: Encrypted Tactical Inhibit
QA03176: Basic Collaboration Software (APX/LEX700 Phase 1)
Q361: ASTRO 25 9600 Baud Trunking
Q445: Fireground Accountability Software
G857: FDNY Emergency Rx/Tx Tone Set


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